Monday, June 10, 2013

Goodbye, Hello

June is a month of goodbyes for high school seniors.  Goodbye to friends and classmates; goodbye to teachers, counselors, and coaches; goodbye to a world that, for better or worse, seems to have been with you forever.

It's also goodbye to the limitations of high school: structured days, few academic choices, restrictions on personal freedom, and rules and regulations for just about everything. 

College is different.  College puts you more in charge of your education.  Here, you'll be the one making the majority of decisions.  It will be you who decides what to study, what courses to take, and even when to schedule your classes. 

And just so you know: You'll also be the one responsible for going to class, completing assignments, keeping up, and getting help if you need it.    

Your professors (and others) will support and encourage you in college, but no one will nag.  No one will send notes home if you don't go to class or pass your exams.  That's because you're now the adult.  Your education is YOUR business--no one else's.

Expect other differences too.  Get ready to stretch--socially and intellectually--in the years ahead.  Get ready to be inspired, surprised, and sometimes outraged by ideas you'll read and hear in your classes.  Get ready to meet people unlike any you've known before.  Get ready to ask questions--of yourself and others.
Graduation's almost here!  Say goodbye to high school and hello to college. 

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