Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easing into Nassau

So if you just graduated from high school, you're probably looking forward to days at the beach, parties, concerts, ball games, nights out with friends--all the joys of July and August.

And why not?  There are few bettter times (for most people) than the summer between high school and college.  Take advantage of these carefree moments; they won't last forever.

But now and then over the next two months, also spend some time finding out about Nassau.  Browse the pages of the "New Student Orientation" link in the lower right corner of the  Or read the FAQs in the "Starting Smart" publication you got when you registered for classes.  Both will provide valuable info about the College and probably answer some questions that you've been meaning to ask.

And if you really want to get a feel for NCC before September arrives, spend a Wednesday morning at our summer workshops.  From July 10 to August 14 (six Wednesdays in all), we'll be covering all sorts of topics you should know about--everything from quick tips on academics and the A-Z of financial aid to NCC's hidden gems (internships, scholarships, help centers, and campus life) and the role of our Career and Job Placement services in helping you find your "dream" career. 

You'll find a complete schedule of workshops (and descriptions) under "Summer Orientation Workshops" on the NCC homepage.  Workshops run from 10 a.m.-12:50 p.m. each Wednesday.  They're free.  No RSVP is necessary.  All you have to do is show up in the College Center, Rm. 251, and have a seat.

Of course, you'll find out even more about NCC at the New Student Orientation program in late August (check back for more details about Orientation).  But that's still a few months away.  Between now and then, take advantage of our online resources and summer workshops to "ease" your way into college.  You'll learn some cool stuff about Nassau--and still have time to have the summer of your life.

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