Sunday, November 18, 2012

Registering Smart

Getting ready to register for next semester?  Remember these tips:

  • Speak with an advisor before you registerEven if you've read the catalog carefully and know what courses you want or need, run them by an advisor before you finalize your schedule.  An advisor can sometimes offer useful suggestions about your choices or point out potential problems you didn't notice.

  • When scheduling classes, know when you're at your best.  Are you a morning person, someone who rises early and wakes up on the spot?  If so, you shouldn't have any problem handling an 8 a.m. class.  But if you don't really come alive until 11 a.m., it makes no sense to register for a class that you won't wake up for or be too tired to participate in.  When choosing times, know your habits and preferences.

  • Remember your commuteGot a long commute to Nassau?  Sharing a car with a family member or depending upon a bus that isn't always so reliable?  Keep these factors in mind when choosing class times.  A 10 a.m class may be a better choice than an 8:30 a.m. one, especially in the winter.

  • Schedule breaks between classes.  It may sound like a good idea to schedule five or six hours of classes without a break, but chances are you'll be pretty tired by the end of a marathon day.  Schedule a break--to eat, review notes, or just relax--somewhere in the middle.  You might extend your day a bit, but that's better than being mentlly missing in the home stretch. 

  • Look for a mix of classes Like English but have trouble in math?  Love math but struggle in heavy reading classes?  Develop a schedule with a little of everything: a class you'll probably handle easily, a class you'll probably find challenging, a class in a favorite subject, and a class that looks interesting (maybe an elective).  With a little effort, you can have a nice balance of classes--and still fulfill some degree requirements.

Good schedules don't happen by accident.  They're the product of thinking and planning.  So when looking for classes for next semester, be a good thinker and a good planner.


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  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Scheduling breaks between classes has helped to reduce some of my school related stress as well as stress at home.My first sememter, I scheduled all of my classes back to back and then would rush home intending to complete my asignments.I would get caught up with household chores, phone calls, and the lure of television and would end up staying up past midnight to complete my assignments. After speaking with an advisor who wisely suggested that I schedule a break between classes, I now do most of my assignments during the break period.Once I get home I can now spend more time with family as well as get to bed at a decent hour.