Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enrique's Journey in the NCC Library

So what do students think about Enrique's Journey, NCC's common reading for 2012-2013?  See for yourself next time you're in the campus library.  You'll find two display cases and a bulletin board filled with drawings, poems, songs, photos, commentaries, collages, summaries, timelines, and 3-D representations--a range of responses to Enrique's odyssey. 

The library exhibit contains the work of Professor Liz Hynes-Musnisky's Reading students, who produced this impressive array of materials as part of the First-Year Experience program's Day of Service on Wednesday, October 17. 

Each item offers a unique take on Sonia Nazario's narrative, whether it be Enrique's struggle to overcome obstacles in search of his mother in America, the pain and frustration of families separated by borders, or the elusive promise of the good life in the United States.

There are so many terrific items here that just telling you about them doesn't work--you have to see them firsthand.  

Pay attention to the collage that reflects the range of emotions (loneliness, regret, abandonment, hope, and love) felt by Enrique--and others--at various moments in the book. 

Or the portrait of a "shattered" family, encased in a picture frame with cracked glass.

Or the pictorial contrast between the uncertain terrain of the immigrant and--separated by a white picket fence--the secure territory of America. 

Don't miss this moving and thoughtful exhibit. 

Congratulations to Professor Hynes-Musnisky's students on their great work.  

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