Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Connecting to the NCC Community

Connecting to the NCC Community

Club meetings, sporting events, guest speakers, parties, workshops, concerts, trips, films, plays, poetry readings: interesting things take place almost every week at Nassau.

But given the size of this campus (we're really a little city in many ways), how can you get a handle on all that's happening?  And how can you keep up on academic news--registration dates, scholarship deadlines, new college policies, etc. etc.--that you absolutely need to know about? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Read your College email.  Like pretty much the rest of the planet, Nassau does a ton of business online these days.  To stay in the loop, check your NCC email at least every other day. 

  • Read the NCC homepage (www.ncc.edu).  It's the place to go to learn about "here and now" events--speakers, theatre productions, scholarships, and other happenings.  Give the homepage a weekly once over to see what's going on.

  • Follow NCC's First-Year Experience on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/fye_nassaucc).  Daily tweets, many with links to other NCC pages (and interesting articles), will help you stay up on campus events and other NCC news.  Be a Twitter/FYE follower!

  • Read the Vignette.  NCC's student newspaper (see page 2--Happenings) is information central for news about campus parties, concerts, club meetings, intramural sports, off-campus trips, film fests, and other fun stuff.  Look for the Vignette in newsstands around campus.

Feeling more connected already?  Of course.  But even so, don't stop reading this blog!  You'll get timely information about NCC, advice about college, and neat ideas to kick around as you go through your semester.  You can even respond to posts and tell us what's on your mind.  

Don't be a stranger . . .

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