Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Being Your Own Best Friend

Is there anybody on this campus who isn't just a little tired and worn out these days?

Bet not.

Not only are many of you looking weary in class, you're dozing in the College Center, the Library, and pretty much anywhere else there's a soft seat.

I shouldn't be surprised.  It's November: the weather's getting chilly, the days are growing short, the novelty of college has worn off, and papers, tests, and projects are piling up.  To top things off, chances are you're starting to be pretty pooped from juggling a job and classes these past two months.

But now's not the time to give up (just in case anyone's thinking about that option). It's not the time to stop going to that math class you've been clawing your way through or to give up on that English essay that needs yet another revision. You've fewer than seven weeks, including a short week for Thanksgiving, to the end of the fall semester. You can do it.

But a word of advice: Between now and December 23, be your own best friend. And listen to that friend's advice about taking care of yourself and handling the busy weeks ahead.

For starters, cut back on work over the next few weeks.  I know the money's good and all, but school's important.  Leave enough time to give your classes your best shot. You want to do more than just muddle through the semester, after all.

Also, get more sleep (though not in your classes!).  Even "invincible" eighteen-year-olds need to rest their bodies and minds regularly.  Setting aside extra time each week for some zzzs (don't let anyone tell you naps aren't good!) will be especially helpful during the final weeks of the semester.  As scores of dead-on-their-feet college students have discovered throughout the ages, you have to rest to be at your best.

Finally, when it's a choice between a "Must Study Night" and an evening with friends--including boyfriends and girlfriends--have the smarts and the wisdom to do the right thing.  It's never easy passing up a night out, but finishing strong and having a semester you can be proud of will make these sacrifices worthwhile. 

The bottom line: Be good to yourself in the weeks ahead.  Make smart choices.  And be your own best friend.

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