Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An "Oasis" for New College Students

Wouldn't it be neat if you could start Nassau knowing practically everything you need to know about the College, including how to get around campus, what to expect from your professors, where to go for help, what student life is all about, and how to handle (maybe even ace) your classes? 

Well, guess what--you can.  It's called NCC 101: The College Experience.  And for the past 22 years, it's been an oasis of information and support for thousands of new Nassau students.

NCC 101 is Nassau's college success course.  Its basic goal is to help you get off to a good start in college, succeed in your classes, and make the most of your time at Nassau.  

The course provides lots of useful information about NCC, teaches practical skills (like how to manage your time, take good class notes, and prepare for tests), and offers thoughtful advice on navigating college--everything from strategies for getting along with your professors and tips on using campus services to the ins and outs of clubs and campus life.   

All this in a one-credit course.  

One of the best things about NCC 101 is its faculty.  The course is taught by professors who know how college works and who are committed to helping you get settled in school.   They're people you can call on no matter what your concern--being better organized, finding a major or career, getting a handle on academics, meeting people on campus, whatever.  Taking NCC 101 is a little like having a friend at Nassau, somebody whose door you can knock on if you have questions, need advice, or even find yourself in a jam.

It's a really cool way--and a smart way--to start your college career.

You can find out more about NCC 101 by calling 516.572.8030.  Don't worry  If you've already registered for classes for the fall semester.  Someone will answer your questions and help you add the course if you would like.  And by the way, you can also take the NCC 101 this summer.  There are day and evening sections, each running two weeks, in early August.

NCC 101 isn't a miracle drug, of course.  If you want to have a good experience in college, you'll still need to be open to school, make your classes a priority, and be willing to work hard.  But if you're looking for some straight talk about college success, you can't go wrong by making NCC 101 part of your schedule.  It's the ultimate inside track.

And at a big college like Nassau, being on the inside track can help you start and finish strong. 

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