Saturday, January 18, 2014

If You're Starting Nassau this Spring . . .

. . . you may be (secretly) wondering how in the world you're going to get a handle on such a big school. 

Not to worry: Plenty of students before you have made their way here--and done fine.  You'll see.  Everything will work out.

But meanwhile, here are six quick "starting college" tips guaranteed to shorten your NCC learning curve (and ease your transition to college):

  • Register your car.  If you're driving to Nassau, you'll need to register your car, motorcycle, SUV, etc. with the Public Safety office (see  There's a fee (not a big one), but it's nothing compared to the cost of getting a ticket, which you could get if you don't register.  Also, be smart about parking: leave enough time to find a space and get to class on time AND pay attention to signs in parking lots.  While most parking spaces are available for student use, some spaces are restricted.  You don't want to park illegally and get a County ticket (which costs big $$$$).

  • Get your NCC ID.  You'll need an ID to take out books from the campus library, use certain campus services, and get into many campus events.  If you don't have an ID yet, visit and click NCC ID Cards.  Getting an ID won't take long, so take care of this asap.

  • Know your Banner ID# (N00....) and your PIN.  You'll need both your Banner ID number (aka your MyNCC ID or "N" number) and your PIN number to register for classes, make schedule changes, and see your academic records.  If you're having problems with either number, remember that the Banner helpdesk (516.572.9980) is just a phone call away.

  • Know where to get answers.  Good sources of info and advice at NCC: a) Information Center (Tower, Plaza Level; 516.572.7501); b) Office of Student Activities (College Center, Rm. 150; 516.572.7148); c) Public Safety (building behind Phys Ed Complex; 516.572.7100); d) Dean of Students (College Center, Rm. 313; 516.572.7135); and e) Dept. of Student Personnel Services (Nassau Hall, Rm. 11; 516.572.7506). If you have questions, these offices will answer them.  If you're lost, they'll help you get found.  

  • Keep your Daily Planner handy. Use this publication to keep track of your semester (as well as the rest of your life!). The planner contains a College calendar, a campus map, important telephone numbers, and lots of other useful information.  If you don't have a planner, stop by the Student Activities office (College Center, Rm. 150) or the Information Center (Tower, Plaza Level) and pick up your FREE copy.  And P.S.: If you need directions in a hurry, try Nassau's virtual tour:

So there you go: A quickie guide to the ins and outs of NCC.  More to come--check back.

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