Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just for Fun

Considering all of the advice about academics and other serious topics that this blog dishes out, you might think that fun isn't an option for college students. 

Not so!  While college classes are always serious business, I can't think of anyone in higher ed who thinks that students should never look up from their work.  In fact, if you go through Nassau and never have a few laughs or light moments, you're missing a really important part of your college experience.

What better time to share this thought than the night before Halloween--absolutely one of the most festive days of the year.  Though Halloween is a regular school day at NCC, there'll be even more fun stuff than usual happening on campus tomorrow. 

It starts early in the day with the annual Halloween film festival (9:45 a.m.-4 p.m.) in the College Center. A nonstop horror fest featuring some classic horror films (as well as some truly ridiculous ones), the festival gives you a chance to gasp, laugh, eat some Halloween junk food (plenty on hand), and take in a film that you've probably never seen before.


If you get restless and decide you've had your fill of ghouls, zombies, and mad scientists, stop by the Student Activities Office (Rm. 150 in the College Center) and pick up a pumpkin to decorate.  Between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., there'll be two hundred pumpkins in the CCB just begging for faces.  You can decorate a pumpkin for a friend, a little brother or sister, or even yourself--and take it with you (no charge).  And while you're creating your masterpiece, you can also put away more chocolate bars and peanut butter cups than you probably should.

More into decorating yourself than pumpkins? Then come in your most outrageous costume to the Student Government/Programming Board/Student Organization of Latinos Halloween Bash tomorrow evening (8 p.m.-midnight) in the College Center. You can listen to a deejay, gobble down some food, and live it up with others in disguise. It's free--as long as you have a current NCC ID (which you ought to have gotten by now).

Photo: Halloween Costume Bash!  Oct. 31, 8 PM-12 AM, CCB MPR.  Free for NCC students with valid ID!

I know what you're thinking: life is busy, you already have plenty to do tomorrow, and there are sometimes just not enough hours in the day.  All true.  But Halloween comes only once a year.  And Halloween 2013 will happen only once.

Which is why you need to find time tomorrow to have some fun. 

Because now and then at least, fun really matters.

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