Friday, May 3, 2013

NCC's Creative Spirits

Just ask any artist:  Finding inspiration is never easy.  And even after one has found it--in an idea, a thought, a line, an image, a lyric, a word, a story fragment--it takes time, energy, thought, patience, determination, and sweat to turn that "moment" into a work of art. 

It also takes guts to put one's work out there for others to experience and evaluate.  Who knows what the response will be?  Not everyone wants to take that risk.    

Yet this spring almost fifty NCC students did just that.  As participants in NCC 101's Creativity Competition, they submitted poetry, short stories, essays, paintings, sculpture, photographs, performances, and other creative works, each reflecting the artist's perspective on the competition's "Journeys" theme.

Their submissions were inspiring.  Each had much to recommend it.  And together, they gave judges, all NCC faculty, a most difficult task: deciding winners.

But after much deliberation, here are judges' decisions:

Writing - Andrew Ojeda (first place); Rob Casaburi (second place); D. Zhu (third place).

Visual Art - Blaine Garde (first place); James Blotiau (second place); Carolina Congdon (third place).

Performance - Chris Sanchez (first place); Eren Polat (second place); Ana Maria Rico (third place)

Many of the Creativity Competition's entries can be seen in the first-floor cases in the College Center.  Visual Art winners be seen below.  Other winning entries can be viewed at

To all who entered, thanks for sharing your talents with the campus.  In my book you're all winners--and an inspiration to everyone. 

Visual Art
                                                      First Place - Blaine Garde


Second Place - James Blotiau

                                                      Third Place - Carolina Congdon

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