Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding Your "Dream" Job . . .

Whatever else you do this week, make sure you get to NCC's Job Fair on Thursday, April 11 (10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) in the Phys Ed Complex.  Even if you've just started college and aren't looking for a full-time job right now, you'll still learn a lot from attending this important event.

For one thing, the Job Fair attracts a diverse group of employers.  Among the companies and organizations scheduled to be on campus this Thursday are Nine West, the Nassau County Police Department, the Garden City Hotel, Winthrop University Hospital, TD Bank, Catholic Charities, the Gap, Verizon Wireless, John Hancock, American Eagle, Cablevision, the U.S. Air Force, Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, U.S. Customs and Border Control, and the New York Sports Club.  Browsing the fair and chatting with company reps can give you an idea of the kinds of career opportunities available and the education and experience you'll need to be in the running.

At least some of the companies visiting campus this Thursday will probably be in the market for interns, for either the summer or next year.  An internship can be a great way to gain work experience and to "try out" a career (sometimes for college credit) while you're still in school.  Many successful people have gotten their start as interns, where they've made contacts that led to a job down the road.  If you find a company that interests you, ask about the possibility of interning there.  If internships aren't in the picture, find out about summer jobs or part-time positions.

But maybe the greatest benefit of attending the Job Fair is simply the opportunity to talk to people in professional settings.  Carrying on conversations--knowing how to present yourself and ask and answer questions, for example--isn't something that comes naturally to most people.  It takes practice.  Thursday's event can give you the chance to talk to people and to work on these skills in a low-pressure setting.  Think of it as a dress rehearsal for later on.

And speaking of dress: It would be smart to dress as if you're job hunting right now (even if that's not completely the case).   First impressions, whenever they're formed, are important.  You never know when you will find a company or organization that seems just right for you.  You'll want to be at your best when that happens.  Don't spoil the moment by looking sloppy.

So put the Job Fair on your "Must-Do" list this week.  And look sharp and bring a resume. You might find yourself a career--and a future employer--all in the same day.

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